We are a team of specialized therapists, researchers, consultants, and IT professionals dedicated to providing the most innovative Therapy Programs on the Internet.

The Beginning

Back in 2010, Amee Cohen, OTR/L a licensed Occupational Therapist from The College of Allied Health, and Christian Katopodis, Senior System Engineer, have combined their expertise and passion for caring for people with special needs and developed an advanced system to provide therapy services for families in South Florida.

Based on Amee’s research and clinical practices, and supported by dedicated Information Systems, they have developed a new way to serve and monitor a large number of patients and families, in a highly individualized and controlled manner, using a cohesive team of multi-practice therapists specialized in rehabilitation.

This way of work enabled the maximum use of therapeutic sessions, according to the personal characteristics of each patient, and the application of advanced IT resources for total control and monitoring of the progress made by each of them.

"Our mission is to improve your life through evidence based customized therapeutic solutions"

"Our vision is to provide innovative, functional, high-quality Therapy Programs that are accessible to all individuals"

The Evolution

Through this broad clinical experience and very expressive outcomes, Amee´s team realized that a large part of the patients could carry out therapy sessions in their own homes with the same effectiveness, with the help of a family member or facilitator, without the need for the constant presence of the therapist.

From pre-designed Therapy Programs, customized according to the concerns and objectives of each patient, they themselves could obtain the desired result, in a much simpler, rational, and less costly way.

With clinical practice and the help of information gathered and systematized over time in the computerized systems of Amee Cohen & Associates, the team of therapists and researchers has developed a complete series of pre-designed programs, focused on special needs common to people of different age groups. From these programs and a careful anamnesis of each patient, therapists could quickly customize the sessions according to the specific characteristics of each one and provide for most of them, results as successful as those of the face-to-face therapy.

My Therapy Programs

Thus MyTherapyPrograms.com was born, where these customized programs are now accessible to an even greater number of patients and families, who can manage their therapies in an effective and convenient way. Always with 24/7 online support from the AC&A´s therapist team.

To ensure that the small minority of patients who cannot be treated with our customized programs also achieve the best results, AC&A now offers highly individualized Teletherapy services through the website www.acandassociates.com

"Our values reflect the way we work: always do better, with dedication, ethics, integrity, and respect for the people we help, the professionals we work with, and the communities we serve"

Our evidence based Therapy Programs are designed for all age groups


Therapy specifically developed for children from birth – 18 years of age


Therapy specifically developed for adults from 18 – 65 years of age


Therapy specifically developed for adults from 18 – 65 years of age

All Ages

Therapy developed for Children, Adults and Seniors of all ages