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Who are the Therapy Programs for?

Our Programs are perfect for rehabilitative sessions at home with no travel, no waiting, no stress. You can easily find the right one, request full customization, and start sessions in about a week. Check out the available therapies:

Occupational Therapy

Our OT Programs can help people of all ages with all kinds of challenges, with functional mobility, personal care, and independent life skills (such as getting up off the floor, preparing a meal, attending school, or workforce). Through video consultation we can also facilitate assessments and help in choosing the most effective Program.

Speech-Language Therapy

SL Therapy Programs can assist from babies to senior people living with a disability who experience issues with eating and drinking, such as chewing and swallowing problems, as well as other challenges with their communication (such as problems speaking, difficulties understanding language, or support with non-verbal communication).

Physical Therapy

PT Programs allow rehabilitation at home for several conditions, from a simple ankle sprain to a complex mobility disorder. Our Physical Therapy Programs can help almost any person to prevent or treat musculoskeletal injury or illness, covering orthopedic, chronic diseases neurological and cardiac conditions common in the elderly population.

Our Differential

Our Premiere Sensory Workout Program / SWP is an exclusive therapeutic tool especially developed and now recommended to be used as preparation or training with the purpose of relaxing, improving alertness, mind concentration and motor coordination.

The Sensory Workout Program is easily adaptable to the caregiver’s available time and family´s routine, as it can be divided into shorter sessions throughout the day.

Amee Cohen and Associates continues to offer Face-to-Face Therapy through Teletherapy. For more information and registration click on the link below

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